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Gambling Is Fun Anytime, Anywhere With LadyLucks Mobile CasinoPlay £20 Free Bonus

Familiar to many as just LadyLucks Casino, this well-known and well-reputed product owned and run by a popular UK company, Probability Plc. Limited, is undisputedly UK’s top Mobile Casino as it provides unlimited access to the finest online casino as well as bingo games.

Sharp-witted players have profited from the enjoyable games, great prizes and continual promotions since the website was initially set afloat back in 2004.

The number of players paying a visit to this UK Casino has ever been increasing, making it one of the highly accessed sites on the internet.

LadyLucks Casino

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Have A Bet With An Array Of Games At LadyLucks CasinoSign Up Now

得到 100% 1圣存款合同高达五英镑 + Earn £20 On Referring A Friend

The vast array of ever-updated High-Density slot-based games plus a small bunch of non-slot games is what attracts people to LadyLucks Casino. Jackpots, hitting even up to thousands of dollars are an attached package available in several of its games, and this also gives the site an edge. After all, who wouldn’t want to win up to 10,000 times of their initial stake?

The Exquisite Set Of Games Offered At LadyLucks Casino

At LadyLucks Casino, an assortment of more than 20 games is always at your disposal. The significant percentage of these games are mainly slot games which are played using the Slot Machine.

LadyLucks Casino can also make your day with so many other progressive Jackpots games such as:

  • Knights Jackpots
  • Pharaoh’s Fortunes
  • Loopy Lotto and
  • The Only Way is The Slot.

Gold Rush HD

The Progressive games are not all that’s there for you. Other top games that you can enjoy at LadyLucks include:

  • Gold Rush HD
  • Dungeons and Dragon’s Crystal Caves
  • Da Vinci’s Diamonds Dual Play Slot and
  • Western Belles Slot, just to mention some.

Loopy Lotto

Upgrades, as well as updates, are frequently made in the Online Slots UK so as to increase the overall games selection available to players.

Lucrative Offers And Promos On The Table

The credible bonuses that LadyLucks Casino delivers will not put a shadow of a doubt but put a smile on your face.

  • Look at the sign-up bonus, for instance, £20 just like that upon clicking the register button. To sweeten the deal, you don’t even have to deposit anything to bag this lucrative lump sum into your pocket.
  • Hold on a minute, though; this £20 is not the end of it all. You can quickly earn a 100% match-up bonus on your very first deposit, all of which will be paid to you instantly in bonus cash.
  • The VIP Promo, specifically designed for regulars comes with a ‘combo’ of special promotions.
  • Regular Cash Back even when you are not winning any game.
  • Ladylucks Promo Code 2016, Weekly Offers as well as Facebook Fun Offers and much more makes the LadyLucks Casino your best ally.

Regular Cash Back

Commendable User Interface

The types of games offered by this online casino are extremely kind of those provided by the sister site Elite casino.

Their quality is highly exemplary especially when it comes to the complementary HD games and Video Slots which are crystal-clear regarding display and that are rather simple to use.

In case you are not in a position to access the HD games, fret not. The non-HD games are also very well designed and flawlessly interfaced.

Payments And Withdrawals At LadyLucks Sign up and Register Casino pageDetails

When it comes to matters of financial dealings, LadyLucks Casino has everything under control. Numerous payment methods are available. You simply have to choose the one that’s appropriate for you.

For LadyLucks Deposit, you can make payments via:


  • Visa,
  • MasterCard,
  • PayPal,
  • Maestro,
  • Switch,
  • uKash or
  • Simply by Phone Bill

As for withdrawals, PayPal, Visa Credit and Debit Cards as well as Cheques, do the job explicitly. The Cheques, however, have a longer processing time than PayPal and the cards, 3-5 days at that.

The beautiful thing about LadyLucks Casino is that no extra charges are incurred during the withdrawal process.

A Few Special Games Worth Mentioning At This Casino

The Ladylucks Roulette For Instance

This superb game has been what can be described as ‘gamers’ choice’ as it has captured the interests and hearts of many for last two centuries now. Its roots can be traced back to a French word meaning little wheel.

Playing it is quite simple as there are only a few key features displayed; a wheel, a small ball and a table with random numbers that are not in any particular order.

Your job is just to place the bet on one or more numbers, click spin to start playing, then sit back and relax.

The ball will then be released from the opposite direction of the Roulette Spinning Wheel, and if it stops on any of your numbers, you win.

It never gets any easier than that.

Double Deck

The Mighty Blackjack HD

For casino lovers, this is usually the easiest game for them to play. Its simple features comprise:

  • A minimum bet of £25 per hand,
  • A maximum bet of £100 per hand,
  • A payout of 3 to 2 per Blackjack win and
  • Ability to play multiple hands to the limit of 3 hands against the dealer via Blackjack Multihand.

Enhancements have been incorporated, and now the game has become available in different versions like the Double Deck, European, Perfect, Single Deck, Zappit and ordinary ‘21’ Blackjack.

Mobile Bingo

With a traffic of approximately 2 million players, LadyLucks Mobile Bingo is certainly the busiest yet fastest trending Bingo game. Its features, such as Jackpot games, every 20 minutes plus new games in a span of just 3 minutes are super-catchy.

Pre-buy tickets is another key element, and regular games come with a two-line and three-line prize. Did you know that you can also play Mobile Bingo by just texting PLAY to 80266? 所以, fantastic.

Oh, the Mega Jackpots Progressives. Where do we actually start with these awesome games? Let’s see. A small tour into the world of the Mega Jackpot Cleopatra would do us no harm here.

As a matter of fact, looking at it from a gamer’s point of view, it’s what the Cleopatra Slot was lacking. Just imagine a Super Progressive Jackpot that hits over a million pounds every now and then? Are you getting the idea right?

Online Slots Mobile UK

Internet Speed Is Not Really An Issue Here

The fact that your Internet surfing speed doesn’t affect your experience on the Mobile Casino, makes the site a perfect chilling sport for many.

Whether you are on the road travelling, or just taking a break in between your shift hours or just getting a decaf from the café to ease your mind, you can quickly hop into the Online Slots Mobile UK and make a few spins.

Limitations Concerning Gaming Support Language And Time

Being a UK Mobile Casino, there is only one language version of LadyLucks support; English.

The Support’s working hours also are very limiting as they operate precisely between 9:00AM-9:00PM during weekdays and 9Am-1PM on Saturday.

On Sundays, well it’s a different case altogether. There is not cover completely.

Is Our LadyLucks Casino Compatible With Almost All Devices

Fortunately for you, yes. Licensed and regulated by Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, LadyLucks Mobile Casino is compatible with many Apple devices like iPhones and iPads. Simply head to the iOS devices App Store and download its App from there.

If you are using an Android device instead, LadyLucks Casino also takes care of you. For you, however, you just play the UK Slots, Online Video Slots and the other LadyLucks games through a browser installed on your Android device.

This marvelous product is also available and compatible with many other devices like Blackberry, WAP and much more.

Gambling Fortune


  • As a gamer, you can directly operate numerous machines at once when it comes to the slot games so as to increase your chances for reaping maximum profits.
  • The endless bonus packages, like the free £20 successful friend referral to the site is another thumbs up for this lovely website. Just refer a few of your colleagues to the LadyLucks Casino and earn yourself a gambling fortune at no expense at all.
  • If you pay enough attention, you can scoop so many other regular bonuses plus promotions from various games in terms of mere spins, prizes or even free cash. This is what a lot of players refer to as free money
  • Folks can also win cash on the site simply through the real time winners’ map.
  • No charges are required for the usage of the Casino UK App.


It’s basic math that every shining armour has its ‘whines’ as well.

  • The LadyLucks 20 Free bonus plus initial deposit, for example, can’t be simple withdrawn just like that. You have to wager it 50 solid times before you can withdraw it. The experts call this play through requirements for bonuses. It’s still possible to win though!
  • As if not enough, the withdrawal limit for cash made through any bonus paid is also limited. A maximum of only £50 is all you can withdraw for a Mobile Casino.
  • Once again, if you happen not to clear your bonus within 90 days, that’s it for you. It is simply forfeited, yet you have to wager your bonus 50 times for you to realise your bonus. Really!
  • LadyLucks Casino also lacks live chat even during its open hours.

The LadyLucks Casino can do something about that for sure.

Mobile Casino

LadyLucks Casino Speaks Your Language

To cut the long story short, LadyLucks Casino speaks your language. From simple 2 minutes ‘passing-time’ games to lucrative million-dollar games, LadyLucks Mobile Casino is your trusted partner at that.

Recommend To Your Peers

Just refer your pals to the site; tell them to download the App from the appropriate App store on their phones or tablets, load the game they wish to play and hit the play button.

By just doing that simple task, you will earn you easy £20. Interest enough, you can recommend as many friends as you like and make quite a fortune from it.

Gamble Aware

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